Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

D-Range Opt. (DRO)

By dividing the image into small areas, the product analyzes the contrast of light and shadow between the subject and the background, and creates an image with the optimal brightness and gradation.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings) → [DRO/Auto HDR] [D-Range Opt.].
  2. Select the desired setting using the left/right side of the control wheel.

Menu item details

D-Range Optimizer: Auto:
Corrects the brightness automatically.
D-Range Optimizer: Lv1D-Range Optimizer: Lv5:
Optimizes the gradation of a recorded image for each divided area. Select the optimization level from Lv1 (weak) to Lv5 (strong).


  • [DRO/Auto HDR] is fixed to [Off] when the shooting mode is set to [Sweep Panorama], or when [Multi Frame NR] or [Picture Effect] is set to other than [Off].
  • [DRO/Auto HDR] is fixed to [Off] when [Picture Profile] is set to something other than [Off].
  • [DRO/Auto HDR] is fixed to [Off] when the following modes are selected in [Scene Selection].
    • [Sunset]
    • [Night Scene]
    • [Night Portrait]
    • [Hand-held Twilight]
    • [Anti Motion Blur]
    The setting is fixed to [D-Range Optimizer: Auto] when [Scene Selection] modes other than the above modes are selected.
  • When shooting with [D-Range Opt.], the image may be noisy. Select the proper level by checking the recorded image, especially when you enhance the effect.