Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300


Sensitivity to light is expressed by the ISO number (recommended exposure index). The larger the number, the higher the sensitivity.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings)[ISO] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Multi Frame NR:
Combines continuous shots to create an image with less noise. Select the desired ISO number from [ISO AUTO] or ISO 100 – 51200.
Sets the ISO sensitivity automatically.

ISO 100 – ISO 51200:
Sets the ISO sensitivity manually. Selecting a larger number increases the ISO sensitivity.


  • [ISO AUTO] is selected when using the following functions:
    • [Intelligent Auto]
    • [Superior Auto]
    • [Scene Selection]
    • [Sweep Panorama]
  • The higher the ISO value, the more noise will appear on the images.
  • The available ISO settings will differ depending on whether you are shooting still images, shooting movies, or using HFR.
  • When shooting movies, ISO values between ISO 100 and ISO 25600 are available. If the ISO value is set to larger value than ISO 25600, the setting is automatically switched to ISO 25600. When you finished the movie recording, the ISO value returns to the original setting.
  • When you use [Multi Frame NR], it takes some time for the product to perform the overlay processing of images.


  • You can change the automatically set ISO sensitivity range for the [ISO AUTO] mode. Select [ISO AUTO] and press the right side of the control wheel, and set the desired values for [ISO AUTO Maximum] and [ISO AUTO Minimum]. The values for [ISO AUTO Maximum] and [ISO AUTO Minimum] are also applied when shooting in [ISO AUTO] mode under [Multi Frame NR].