Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

Remote Ctrl

You can shoot images using the RMT-DSLR1 or RMT-DSLR2 remote commanders (sold separately). Refer also to the operating instructions for the remote commander.

  1. MENU(Setup) → [Remote Ctrl] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Allows remote commander operation.

Does not allow remote commander operation.


  • The RMT-DSLR1 remote commander cannot be used for movie recording.
  • The lens or lens hood may block the remote sensor that receive the signals. Use the remote commander in the position from which the signal can reach the product.
  • When [Remote Ctrl] is set to [On], the product does not switch to power save mode. Set [Remote Ctrl] to [Off] after using a remote commander.