Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

Shooting slow-motion movies (HFR Settings)

By shooting with a higher frame rate than the recording format, you can record a smooth slow-motion movie.

  1. Set the mode dial to (Movie/HFR).
  2. Select MENU(Camera Settings) → [Movie/HFR] or the Fn (Function) button → (Movie/HFR) and select the desired settings for (High Frame Rate).
  3. Select MENU→(Camera Settings)→[HFR Settings] and select the desired settings for [Record Setting].
    • When shooting, the frame rate is locked at 120p or 100p and cannot be changed.
  4. Press the MENU button.
    The HFR shooting screen will be displayed.
  5. Press the MOVIE (Movie) button.

Menu item details

Record Setting:
Selects the frame rate of the movie from among [30p 16M]/[25p 16M] and [24p 12M*].
* Only when [NTSC/PAL Selector] is set to NTSC.

Playback speed

The playback speed will vary as below depending on the assigned [Record Setting].
  • [Record Setting]: [30p 16M]/ [25p 16M]
    4 times slower
  • [Record Setting]: [24p 12M]*
    5 times slower

*Only when [NTSC/PAL Selector] is set to NTSC.


  • Sound will not be recorded.
  • The movie will be recorded in XAVC S HD format.