Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

Connecting an iPhone or iPad to this product using the QR code

  1. Download and install the PlayMemories Mobile application to your iPhone or iPad.
    • If PlayMemories Mobile is already installed on your device, be sure to update it to the latest version.
  2. Display the QR code (A) on the monitor of this product by following the steps below.
    An SSID (B) will also be displayed on the monitor.
    • Using [Send to Smartphone]:
      MENU (Wireless) → select [Send to Smartphone]
    • Using [Smart Remote Embedded]:
      MENU (Application) → select [Application List][Smart Remote Embedded]

  3. Launch PlayMemories Mobile on your iPhone or iPad and select [Scan QR Code of the Camera].

  4. Select [OK] on the iPhone or iPad screen.
    • When a message is displayed, select [OK] again.

  5. Read the QR code displayed on the monitor of this product with the iPhone or iPad.
  6. Install the profile (setting information) by following the instructions shown on the iPhone or iPad screen and select [OK].
    The profile will be installed to the iPhone or iPad.

  7. Select [Settings] on the "Home" screen → [Wi-Fi] → this product's SSID displayed in the Step 2.
    The iPhone or iPad will connect to the product.

  8. Return to the "Home" screen of the iPhone or iPad and launch PlayMemories Mobile.


  • Once the QR code has been read, this product's SSID (DIRECT-xxxx) and password are registered to the iPhone or iPad. This enables you to easily connect the iPhone or iPad to the product via Wi-Fi at a later date by selecting the SSID.


  • If you cannot connect your device to this product using the QR code, use the SSID and password.