Recall (Camera Settings1/Camera Settings2)

Allows you to shoot an image after recalling often-used modes or camera settings registered with [ / Memory] in advance.

  1. Set the mode dial to MR (Memory recall).
  2. Press the left/right side of the control wheel or turn the control wheel to select the desired number, then press the center of the control wheel.
    • You can also recall registered modes or settings by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [ / Recall].


  • To recall settings registered to the memory card, set the mode dial to MR (Memory recall), then select the desired number by pressing the left/right side of the control wheel.
  • Settings registered to a memory card using another camera of the same model name can be recalled with this camera.


  • If you set [ / Recall] after completing the shooting settings, the registered settings are given priority and the original settings may become invalid. Check the indicators on the screen before shooting.