Using the noise canceling function

If you use the noise canceling function, you can enjoy music without being disturbed by ambient noise.

This function provides the most effective noise canceling mode by immediately analyzing ambient sound components.

  1. Turn on the headset.

    You will hear the voice guidance say, “Power on”.

    The noise canceling function is turned on automatically.

To turn off the noise canceling function

Press the NC/AMB (noise canceling/Ambient Sound Mode) button repeatedly to turn off the noise canceling function.

Each time the button is pressed, the function switches as follows and is announced by the voice guidance.

The Ambient Sound Mode: ON

The noise canceling function: OFF/The Ambient Sound Mode: OFF

The noise canceling function: ON

About the instruction manual video

Watch the video to find out how to use the noise canceling function.


  • If you connect the supplied headphone cable while using the noise canceling function with a Bluetooth connection, the Bluetooth function is turned off, but you can continue to use the noise canceling function.
  • When you use the headset as ordinary headphones, turn off the headset and use the supplied headphone cable.