Switching the device by one-touch (NFC)

  • If you touch an NFC-compatible smartphone to the headset while the headset is connected to another Bluetooth device, the connection switches to the smartphone (One-touch connection switching). However, the connection cannot be switched when talking on a headset connected to a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone.
  • When an NFC-compatible smartphone is connected to the headset, if the smartphone is touched by another NFC-compatible Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker, the smartphone is disconnected from the headset and connected to the Bluetooth device.


  • Unlock the smartphone screen in advance if it is locked.
  • When 2 Bluetooth devices have already connected to the WH-CH710N in a multipoint connection, and one is used for music playback (A2DP connection) and the other is used for calls (HFP/HSP connection), the connection cannot switch to another smartphone even if you touch the smartphone with the WH-CH710N. In this case, disconnect one of the already connected Bluetooth devices and touch the smartphone you want to connect with WH-CH710N again.