Listening to music of a portable audio device, etc.

You can use the speaker as an ordinary wired speaker system by connecting a portable audio device, etc., using an audio cable (commercially available).

  1. Connect a device to the AUDIO IN jack with an audio cable (commercially available).

    For connection, use an audio cable with a stereo mini plug (no resistance)* at both ends.

    * If you use an audio cable (with stereo mini plugs) with significant resistance, the sound may be lower. Therefore, make sure you use a cable (with stereo mini plugs) without resistance.

  2. Turn on the speaker.

    The power/BLUETOOTH indicator flashes slowly in blue.

  3. Turn on and start playback on the connected device.
  4. Adjust the volume to a moderate level on the connected device.
  5. Press the –/+ (volume) buttons to adjust the volume.

    When you press the –/+ (volume) buttons, the power/BLUETOOTH indicator flashes once. When you set the volume to the maximum (31) or minimum level on the speaker, the power/BLUETOOTH indicator flashes 3 times.


  • When you cannot hear the sound, raise the volume on the connected device.

  • If the BLUETOOTH connection is active between the speaker and a mobile phone (smartphone/iPhone) via HFP/HSP, you can use the hands-free function while listening to music of a portable audio device, etc. that is connected to the speaker’s AUDIO IN jack.


  • If you connect an audio cable to the AUDIO IN jack, the output from the device connected to the AUDIO IN jack has priority, and you will not hear the sound from the BLUETOOTH device. The power/BLUETOOTH indicator lights up or flashes in blue to indicate the BLUETOOTH status. Absence of sound from the BLUETOOTH device does not indicate any trouble with the speaker.

  • When connecting a portable audio device to the AUDIO IN jack and playing music, you cannot use the buttons on the speaker to perform operations such as pause, skip to the beginning of the next track, and skip to the beginning of the current track.

  • Do not use the AUDIO IN jack in a place where water may splash.