Turning the power on

  1. Press the (power) button.

    The(power) indicator lights up in green and the(BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes slowly in blue.

    When the speaker has no pairing information, for example when you use the BLUETOOTH function for the first time after purchase, the(BLUETOOTH) indicator keeps double flashing in blue.


  • When you turn on the speaker for the first time after purchase, the lighting function is on. The speaker lights up.

  • While the voice guidance associated with the remaining battery power is activated, you hear the voice guidance in accordance with the remaining battery power when you turn on the speaker.


  • If the CHARGE indicator flashes 3 times and the speaker turns off after you turn it on, the rechargeable built-in battery is empty. Charge the built-in battery.

  • When the CHARGE indicator flashes slowly, the built-in battery is running low and needs to be charged. In this state, the speaker cannot supply power to other devices.