Turning on/off the speaker’s light (Lighting function)

The speaker lights up with the music to liven up the atmosphere. When you purchase the speaker, the lighting function is set to on.

  1. Turn on the speaker.

    The(power) indicator lights up in green.

    The speaker lights up.

To turn off (light off)/turn on (light on) the lighting function

Press and hold the BATT (battery)/LIGHT button behind the cap on the rear side of the speaker for about 3 seconds until the lighting function turns off/on.

By pressing and holding the button for about 3 seconds again, the lighting function turns on/off again.


  • By using the “Illumination” function on “Sony | Music Center,” you can turn on/off the lighting function or choose the various lighting modes. The following are examples of the lighting modes.

    • LIGHT OFF: No lighting

    • RAVE: For dance music

      When you purchase the speaker, RAVE is set.

    • CHILL: For relaxing music

    • HOT: Lighting with warm-color flashes

    • COOL: Lighting with cool-color flashes

    • STROBE: Lighting with white flashes


  • When the speaker's light seems bright, turn up the room lights or turn off the lighting function.

  • Be sure to close the cap completely after using the BATT (battery)/LIGHT button. The cap plays a very important role in maintenance of the waterproof and dust proof performance.