Using the BLUETOOTH standby function

When the BLUETOOTH standby function is turned on, the speaker turns on automatically by operating a BLUETOOTH device, and starts the BLUETOOTH connection.

Before operating the speaker, note the following:

  • The BLUETOOTH standby function is activated only while the speaker is connected to an AC outlet by the AC adaptor (supplied). While the speaker is running only on power from the rechargeable built-in battery, the BLUETOOTH standby function turns off.

  • Pair the speaker with a BLUETOOTH device in advance. If pairing information is not stored in the speaker, such as when the speaker is used for the first time after purchase, the speaker will not enter the BLUETOOTH standby mode.

  1. Connect the speaker to an AC outlet with the supplied AC adaptor.
  2. Turn on the speaker.

    The(power) indicator lights up in green.

  3. Tap [Music Center] on your smartphone, iPhone, etc. to start up the application.

    Music Center

  4. Tap [SRS-XB43].

  5. Tap [Settings].

  6. Tap [Power Option].
  7. Tap [Bluetooth Standby].
  8. Tap [ON] to set the BLUETOOTH standby mode to on.

To turn off the BLUETOOTH standby function

Perform stepsnumber 3tonumber 7again to turn off the BLUETOOTH standby function.


  • When the BLUETOOTH standby function is activated, the(power) indicator lights up in orange while the speaker is turned off.