Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1

To attach to or detach from the Attachment Buckle

Press and hold the enclosed part to unlock, then slide in the direction of the arrow.


  • The Flat Adhesive Mount and Curved Adhesive Mount cannot be used again once they are detached from the location surface.
  • When detaching, peel off slowly. If peeled off forcibly, the surface on which the mount is fixed might be damaged.
  • Before attaching, check the surface of the item to be used. If it is dirty, or dust, moisture or oily substances are attached, adhesive strength may be impaired and the item could detach with slight impact.
  • Use the appropriate Adhesive Mount (flat or curved) for the surface where the camera will be located. If the mount is not suitable for the surface, it may detach by slight impact.
  • Thread a suitable cord through the attachment hole of the Waterproof Case, then attach the cord to an item you intend to use with the camera.
  • Before use, confirm that the screw hole on the Attachment Buckle is not loose, and the flat or curved Adhesive Mount is securely attached to the surface.