What is S-Log?

S-Log is a gamma curve that is optimized under the assumption that grading will be performed in the post-production process. S-Gamut is color reproduction that is supposed to be used together with S-Log.

When using S-Log to shoot, performing grading in the post-production process will allow you to create image effects matching each scene with a great degree of flexibility. To make such effects possible, images must be shot with a wide dynamic range and wide color reproduction range. The S-Log gamma curve and the S-Gamut color reproduction are used for shooting such images.

Images recorded using S-Log and S-Gamut can be enhanced with detailed image effects during the post-production process. You can create a variety of effects such as fresh morning scenes, scenes with tension, scenes that recall the past, and many more. These effects are finalized during the post-production process.

Before S-Log shooting, change the [Log Shooting Setting] setting. On models without [Log Shooting Setting], choose from PP7, PP8, or PP9 in [Picture Profile].

To perform grading on images recorded using S-Log, dedicated grading software or video editing software with a grading function is required. You can also try performing basic grading work using Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare from Sony Creative Software at the following URL.

Sample image of a movie recorded using S-Log3

Sample image of a movie after grading (S-Log3)

Monitoring images in log shooting

S-Log gamma images are harder to monitor at the time of shooting because they have lower contrast than usual. For display with normal contrast on the monitor or viewfinder, which is helpful in subject checking, focusing, and other precise camerawork, you can use the following functions.

  • Display LUT

    Available in log shooting with the [Log Shooting Setting] function. An easy way to reproduce the effect of color grading on images, for display on the monitor or viewfinder.

  • Gamma Display Assist

    Available in log shooting with Picture Profile. Reproduces the [ITU709 Matrix]/[ITU709 (800%)] display on the monitor or viewfinder for [S-Gamut] (color mode)/[S-Log2] (gamma) and [S-Gamut3.Cine]/[S-Log3] images.

[ITU709(800%)] gamma

  • [ITU709(800%)] is a gamma curve for easily previewing a level of gradation equivalent to that of an image recorded using [S-Log2] or [S-Log3] and graded to ITU709.
    When you adjust the shooting exposure with [Gamma] set to [S-Log2] and then switch [Gamma] to [ITU709(800%)], a low-contrast image will be displayed with ITU709 contrast applied. Although [ITU709(800%)] applies a greater degree of contrast than the S-Log gamma curve, gradations in high-luminance areas may become invisible. Use [S-Log2], [S-Log3], or [ITU709(800%)] depending on the element you want to preview.


  • Available functions and S-Log options vary by camera model.