Shooting workflows in image production

Image production can be broadly classified into two shooting workflows, and which one to follow depends on whether or not your images will be color-graded in post-production after you shoot.

Shooting workflow not based on color grading in post-production

Less work is required in post-production if the images you shoot closely resemble the final images you envisioned. This can streamline image production.

By using Picture Profile, you can fine-tune gradation, color tone, and other image details.

Shooting workflow based on color grading in post-production

You can enjoy greater creative freedom by capturing images that retain as wide a dynamic range and gamut as possible and then color-grading them in post-production to suit the scene.

By shooting with a log gamma, you can capture images with a wide dynamic range and gamut.

  • Log shooting methods vary by camera model.

    For models with a [Log Shooting Setting] menu, complete the log shooting settings using [Log Shooting Setting].

    Models without a [Log Shooting Setting] menu include log shooting settings in [Picture Profile].


  • Available functions vary by camera model.