Using the Exposure Index in shooting

You can adjust the amount of exposure latitude allocated to highlights or shadows by changing the exposure index (EI) when shooting in the Cine EI mode or Cine EI Quick mode

The brightness of images monitored during shooting varies depending on the EI setting. By knowing as you shoot whether you will need more freedom in post-production editing for bright or dark scenes, you can adjust the EI accordingly.

For example, to have more editing freedom in dark scenes, set the EI lower than the base ISO. After this, shoot so that the image you are monitoring has the correct exposure. By reducing the gain for this material in post-production, you will have greater flexibility to edit dark scenes.

The EI setting at the time of shooting can be embedded in the metadata of recorded video files, which can enable Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare or the Catalyst Prepare Plugin to add or reduce gain automatically when material is imported in post-production.

  • EI can only be set in the Cine EI mode or Cine EI Quick mode.
  • To record with the least noise and most exposure latitude from the camera, shoot at the same EI as the base ISO.
  • ISO sensitivity for recording corresponds to the base ISO, regardless of any changes to the EI.