This “Help Guide” explains how to operate the product or a camera connected to the product from a web browser on your computer.
This Help Guide is also available as a PDF, which can be downloaded here.

When the product is connected to a camera, you can turn the camera on/off or shoot images with the camera through operations in the web browser. Connecting multiple cameras to multiple camera control boxes allows you to shoot images simultaneously with multiple cameras or apply camera settings to multiple cameras at once.

Refer to the instruction manual for how to connect the product to a camera or a computer.

When you want to operate multiple CCB-WD1 camera control boxes simultaneously, first update the system software (firmware) of all the CCB-WD1 camera control boxes to the latest version.

Update the system software (firmware) of the cameras to be connected to the product to the latest version.

The available functions differ depending on the model of the camera connected to the product.