Sound Settings (Sound)


Reinforces bass sound in synchronization with the volume level: [OFF], [1], [2].


Selects an equalizer curve and adjusts the subwoofer level.
(Available when any source is selected.)

Item Detail
EQ10 Selects the equalizer curve:
[OFF], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Hip-Hop], [Dance], [EDM], [Jazz], [Soul], [Country], [Custom]
[OFF], [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Hip-Hop], [Dance], [EDM], [Jazz], [Regueton], [Salsa], [Custom]
[Bollywood] , [R&B], [Rock], [Pop], [Hip-Hop], [Dance], [EDM], [Jazz], [Regueton], [Custom], [OFF]
[Custom] adjusts the equalizer curve: -6 to +6.
Subwoofer Adjusts the volume level of the subwoofer: [OFF], -10 to +10.


Adjusts the balance/fader level.

Item Detail
Balance Adjusts the sound balance between the left and right speakers: [L15] to [R15].
Fader Adjusts the sound balance between the front and rear speakers: [Front 15] to [Rear 15].


Adjusts the cut-off frequency and subwoofer phase.

Item Detail
High Pass Filter Selects the cut-off frequency of the front/rear speakers: [OFF], [50Hz], [60Hz], [80Hz], [100Hz], [120Hz].
Low Pass Filter Selects the cut-off frequency of the subwoofer: [OFF], [50Hz], [60Hz], [80Hz], [100Hz], [120Hz].
Subwoofer Phase Selects the subwoofer phase: [Normal], [Reverse].

DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer)

Enhances audio output: [OFF], [Low], [Middle], [High].

Volume Settings

Adjusts the volume level of each source.

Item Detail
Media Adjusts the volume of media: 0 to 50.
Radio Announcements (XAV-AX8150(EUR)) Adjusts the volume of radio announcements: 0 to 50.
Phone Call Adjusts the volume of phone calls: 0 to 50.
Ring Tone Adjusts the volume of the ring tone: 0 to 50.
Voice Recognition Adjusts the volume of voice recognition: 0 to 50.
Navigation Guidance Adjusts the volume of navigation guidance: 0 to 50.


  • When adjusting the volume settings, park your car in a safe place as it may be too loud to hear the surrounding sounds.

Phone Call Sound

Selects the speakers for handsfree calling: [Front], [Rear], [All].

Guidance during Call

Activates the notices of Apple CarPlay through navigation guidance or alert sounds during a phone call: [ON], [OFF].
(Not available when Android Auto is connected.)