Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

Aperture Preview

The image on the monitor or viewfinder may have an aperture value different from that of the actual image to be shot. Since the blurring of a subject changes if the aperture is changed, the blurriness of the actual picture will differ from the image you were viewing prior to shooting.
While you press and hold the key to which you assigned the [Aperture Preview] function, the aperture is stepped down to the set aperture value and you can check the blurriness prior to shooting.

  1. MENU (Custom Settings) → [Custom Key(Shoot.)] → set the [Aperture Preview] function to the desired key.
  2. Confirm the image by pressing the key to which [Aperture Preview] was assigned.


  • Although you can change the aperture value during the preview, the subject may be defocused if you select a brighter aperture. We recommend that you adjust the focus again.