Focus Magnifier

You can check the focus by enlarging the image before shooting.

Unlike with [MF Assist], you can magnify the image without operating the focus ring.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Magnifier].
  2. Press the center of the multi-selector to enlarge the image and select the area you want to enlarge by pressing the multi-selector up/down/left/right.
    • Each time you press the center, the magnification scale will change.
    • You can set the initial magnification by selecting MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Initial Focus Mag.].
  3. Confirm the focus.
    • Press the (Delete) button to bring the magnified position into the center of an image.
    • When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can adjust the focus while an image is magnified. If [AF in Focus Mag.] is set to [Off], the [Focus Magnifier] function is canceled when the shutter button is pressed halfway down.
    • When the shutter button is pressed halfway down while an image is magnified during the auto-focusing, different functions are performed depending on the [AF in Focus Mag.] setting.
      • When [AF in Focus Mag.] is set to [On]: Auto-focusing is performed again.
      • When [AF in Focus Mag.] is set to [Off]: The [Focus Magnifier] function is canceled.
    • You can set how long the image is to be shown magnified by selecting MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Magnif. Time].
  4. Press the shutter button fully down to shoot the image.

To use the focus magnifier function by touch operation

You can magnify the image and adjust the focus by touching the monitor. Set [Touch Operation] to [On] beforehand. Then, select the appropriate settings under [Touch Panel/Pad]. When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can perform [Focus Magnifier] by double-tapping the area to focus on while shooting with the monitor.
While shooting with the viewfinder, a frame is displayed in the center of the monitor by double-tapping and you can move the frame by dragging it. The image is magnified by pressing the center of the control wheel.


  • While using the focus magnifier function, you can move the magnified area by dragging it on the touch panel.
  • To exit the focus magnifier function, double-tap the monitor again. When [AF in Focus Mag.] is set to [Off], the focus magnifier function is ended by pressing the shutter button halfway down.