Cont. PB for Intvl.

Continuously plays back images shot using interval shooting.

You can create movies from still images produced by interval shooting using the computer software Imaging Edge. You cannot create movies from the still images on the camera.

This function can be used when the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver. 3.00 or later.

  1. MENU → (Playback) → [Cont. PB for Intvl.].
  2. Select the image group that you want to play back, and then press the center of the control wheel.


  • On the playback screen, you can start continuous playback by pressing the down button while displaying an image in the group.
  • You can resume play or pause by pressing the down button during playback.
  • You can change the playback speed by turning the front dial, rear dial, or control wheel during playback. You can also change the playback speed by selecting MENU → (Playback) → [PB Speed for Intvl].
  • You can continuously play back images shot with continuous shooting as well.