Shooting still images with a higher resolution (Px. Shift Multi Shoot.)

You can create images with a higher resolution than is possible with regular shooting by recording four RAW images and then combining them on a computer. This is helpful when shooting still subjects such as works of art or architecture.

Select MENU (Network) → [Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Off] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [USB Connection] [PC Remote].
  2. Connect the camera to a computer using a USB cable, and then launch Imaging Edge (Remote) on the computer.
  3. Secure the camera using a tripod. Perform [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.] using Imaging Edge (Remote).
    The camera will record four RAW images with the selected interval. The images will be saved on the computer along with the combined image.
    • Try to avoid camera shaking or blurring of the subject.
    • The four RAW images are recorded with the same settings. You cannot change the settings during the interval between the recordings.
    • You can cancel the recording by pressing the center of the control wheel during the interval between the recordings.
    • If you will not be using a flash (sold separately), select 0.5 seconds as the shooting interval in Imaging Edge (Remote). If using a flash, set the interval according to the charging time of your flash. (The shooting interval can be set to 0.5 seconds if the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver.1.10 or later.)
    • The flash-syncing speed is 1/13 second. When [Exposure step] is set to [0.5EV], the shutter speed cannot be set faster than 1/10 second.
    • For techniques for [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.], refer to the following support site.


  • You can also perform [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.] without using Imaging Edge (Remote). Select MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.] and set the recording interval, and then perform shooting. You can import the four recorded RAW images in the computer and combine them using Imaging Edge (Viewer). If you will not be using Imaging Edge (Remote) for shooting, use a Wireless Remote Commander (sold separately) or the [Self-timer] function in order to avoid camera shaking and subject blurring.


  • If camera shaking and subject blurring occurs, the RAW images recorded with [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.] may not be combined properly. Even when the subject is remaining still, if a nearby person or object moves, the RAW images may not be combined properly because the lighting of the subject can change.
  • RAW images recorded with [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.] cannot be combined using the camera. Use Imaging Edge (Viewer) to combine the images.
  • In [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.], some settings are locked as follows:
    • [File Format]: [RAW]
    • [RAW File Type]: [Uncompressed]
    • [Silent Shooting]: [On]
  • In [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.], you cannot perform bulb shooting.
  • If shooting is set to a mode other than P/A/S/M, you cannot perform [Px. Shift Multi Shoot.].
  • If you use a Mount Adaptor (LA-EA1, LA-EA2, LA-EA3, or LA-EA4), the shooting interval may be longer.