Replacing the earbuds

M-sized hybrid silicone rubber earbuds come attached to the left and right units of the headset at the time of purchase. If the earbuds tend to come off or you feel that there is insufficient low frequency sound and a difference in volume between the left and right units, change the earbuds to another size to comfortably and snugly fit your left and right ears.

Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds

The size of the earbuds can be determined based on the number of dotted lines inside the bottom of the earbuds.

SS size: 1 line

S size: 2 lines

M size: 3 lines

L size: 4 lines

  1. Remove the earbud.

    Illustration of removing the earbud while rotating it away from the unit

    • Do not pinch the end of the earbud when removing it.
  2. Attach the earbud.

    Illustration of fitting the projecting part of the unit with the recess of the earbud to attach the earbud

    • Firmly insert the earbud all the way. Do not attach the earbud in a loose or skewed manner.

About the instruction manual video

Watch the video to find out how to change the earbuds and how to wear the headset on your ears.