Rear view

Illustration indicating the location of each part

  1. Joystick

    Makes the volume adjustment, brightness adjustment, input selection, and various settings by displaying the menu.

  2. Power button

    Turns on the power of the monitor. If you press this button while the monitor is on, the monitor is turned off.

  3. Cable through hole

    Bundles the cables connected to the monitor by passing them through.

  4. DC input terminal

    Connect the AC adaptor (supplied).

  5. HDMI port 1, 2

    Connect to a game console or computer with HDMI output equipped.

  6. Stand detach button

    Press to detach the stand.

  7. DisplayPort port

    Connect to a computer with the DisplayPort output equipped.

  8. USB Type-C terminal

    Connect to a computer with the USB Type-C terminal equipped.

  9. USB Type-B port

    Connect to the USB port on a computer.

  10. USB Type-A port 1 to 3

    Connect USB peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse.

  11. Headphones jack

    Connect headphones.
    When headphones are connected, the speakers of this monitor are turned off.