[Picture mode]

You can select the desired image quality from the presets and adjust the image quality automatically.

  1. Press the joystick on the rear of the monitor and move it up, down, left, or right to display the setting screen.
  2. Select the desired setting and press the joystick.

Details of the menu items

[Preset mode]

Select the desired setting from the presets.

[Standard]: Standard image quality mode.

[FPS game]: Suitable for playing FPS (first person shooter) games.

[Cinema]: Suitable for watching movies and videos.

[Game 1], [Game 2]: Saves the settings adjusted in [Picture adjustment] as a preset. If you make adjustments in [Picture adjustment] while [Game 1] or [Game 2] is selected, the settings will be saved automatically.

[Auto picture mode]

When an HDMI device is connected, the picture quality is automatically selected to match the content to be played back.

[Off]: Turns off this function.

[On]: Turns on the [Auto picture mode].


  • When [Auto picture mode] is set to [On], the image quality mode selected in [Auto picture mode] is applied regardless of the [Preset mode] setting.