[Gaming assist]

You can make settings for useful functions during the game.

  1. Press the joystick on the rear of the monitor and move it up, down, left, or right to display the setting screen.
  2. Select the desired setting and press the joystick.

Details of the menu items


Turn on the crosshairs (cross mark) in the center of the screen.

[Off]: Turns off the crosshairs.

[Cursor 1] to [Cursor 8]: Select the desired shape to display from the 8 types.


Set a timer to indicate the remaining time of the game.

[Off]: Turns off the timer.

[10:00] to [60:00]: Turns on the timer with the time set.

[Frame rate counter]

Display the frame rate per second in real time.

[Off]: Does not display the frame rate.

[On]: Displays the frame rate.


Synchronize the refresh rate of this monitor with the frame rate of the video. When turned on, you can suppress the stuttering (lagging) and tearing (flickering) of the screen during the game.

[Off]: Turns off this function.

[On]: Turns on the Adaptive-Sync/VRR function.

[Response time]

Change the response speed of the screen.

Set according to the speed of the image movement.

[Standard]: Normal response speed

[Fast]: Slightly increases the response speed of the LCD panel.

[Faster]: Increases the response speed of the LCD panel.

[Black equalizer]

Improve visibility in dark areas of the screen.

[0] to [3]: The larger the value, the better the visibility of dark areas.