You can select the input and make settings related to the input.

  1. Press the joystick on the rear of the monitor and move it up, down, left, or right to display the setting screen.
  2. Select the desired setting and press the joystick.

Details of the menu items

[HDMI 1]

Selects the HDMI 1 input.

[HDMI 2]

Selects the HDMI 2 input.


Selects the DisplayPort input.

[USB-C (DP Alt Mode)]

Selects the USB-C input.

[Auto select]

Select the input with the input signal automatically.
If there are multiple input signals, the inputs are selected in the following order of priority.
HDMI 1HDMI 2DisplayPortUSB-C

[Off]: Turns off this function.

[On]: Turns on the auto input select function.

[Control for HDMI]

In conjunction with the monitor, you can perform operations, such as turning on/off or selecting the input, of the device connected with an HDMI cable.

[Off]: Turns off this function.

[On]: Turns on the HDMI device control function.

[DP version number]

Set the DisplayPort version number.
Set to the same version as the DisplayPort of the connected device.