Setting AF and TA (DSX-GS80(EUR))

Alternative Frequencies (AF) continuously retune the station to the strongest signal in a network, and Traffic Announcement (TA) provides current traffic information or traffic programs (TP) if received.

  1. Press MENU, rotate the control dial to select [GENERAL], then press it.
  2. Rotate the control dial to select [AF/TA], then press it.
  3. Rotate the control dial to select [AF-ON], [TA-ON], [AF/TA-ON] or [AF/TA-OFF], then press it.

To preset RDS stations with the AF and TA setting

You can preset RDS stations along with an AF/TA setting. Set AF/TA, then preset the station with BTM or manually. If you preset manually, you can also preset non-RDS stations.

To receive emergency announcements

With AF or TA on, emergency announcements will automatically interrupt the currently selected source.

To adjust the volume level during a traffic announcement

Level will be stored into memory for subsequent traffic announcements, independently from the regular volume level.

To stay with one regional program (REGIONAL)

When the AF and REGIONAL functions are on, you will not be switched to another regional station with a stronger frequency. If you leave this regional program’s reception area, set [REGIONAL] in [GENERAL] to [REGIONAL-OFF] during FM reception.
(This function does not work in the UK and some other areas.)

Local Link function (UK only)

This function enables you to select other local stations in the area, even if they are not preset on your number buttons.
During FM reception, press a number button (1 to 6) on which a local station is preset. Within 5 seconds, press again a number button of the local station. Repeat this procedure until the local station is received.