Connecting with an iPhone/iPod (BLUETOOTH Auto Pairing)

When an iPhone/iPod with iOS5 or later installed is connected to the USB port, the unit is paired and connected with the iPhone/iPod automatically. To enable BLUETOOTH Auto Pairing, make sure [AUTO PAIR] in [BLUETOOTH] is set to [ON].

  1. Activate the BLUETOOTH function on the iPhone/iPod.
  2. Connect the iPhone/iPod to the USB port.

    Make sure that (BLUETOOTH) lights up on the display of the unit.


  • BLUETOOTH Auto Pairing is not possible if the unit is already connected to two BLUETOOTH devices. In this case, disconnect one of the devices, then connect the iPhone/iPod again.
  • If BLUETOOTH Auto Pairing is not established, perform pairing and make the BLUETOOTH connection with the iPhone/iPod, as with other BLUETOOTH device.