Selecting Program Types (PTY)

  1. Press PTY during FM reception.
  2. Rotate the control dial to select [PTY MUSIC] or [PTY TALK], then press it.
    The unit starts to search for a station broadcasting the selected program type.

Type of programs

PTY TALK NEWS (News), INFORM (Information), SPORTS (Sports), TALK (Talk), LANGUAGE (Foreign Language), REL TALK (Religious Talk), PERSNLTY (Personality), PUBLIC (Public), COLLEGE (College), HABL ESP (Spanish Talk), WEATHER (Weather)
PTY MUSIC ROCK (Rock), CLS ROCK (Classic Rock), ADLT HIT (Adult Hits), SOFT RCK (Soft Rock), TOP 40 (Top 40), COUNTRY (Country), OLDIES (Oldies), SOFT (Soft), NOSTALGA (Nostalgia), JAZZ (Jazz), CLASSICL (Classical), R & B (Rhythm and Blues), SOFT R&B (Soft Rhythm and Blues), REL MUSC (Religious Music), MUSC ESP (Spanish Music), HIP HOP (Hip-Hop)