Playing a BLUETOOTH Device

You can play contents on a connected device that supports BLUETOOTH A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).

  1. Make BLUETOOTH connection with the audio device.
    See “Connecting with a Paired BLUETOOTH Device”.
    To select the audio device, press MENU, then select [BLUETOOTH] [SEL AUDIO].
  2. Press SRC (source) to select [BT AUDIO].
  3. Operate the audio device to start playback.
  4. Adjust the volume on this unit.


  • Depending on the audio device, information such as title, track number/time and playback status may not be displayed on this unit.
  • Even if the source is changed on this unit, playback of the audio device does not stop.
  • [BT AUDIO] does not appear in the display while running the “Sony | Music Center” application via the BLUETOOTH function.

To match the volume level of the BLUETOOTH device to other sources

Start playback of the BLUETOOTH audio device at a moderate volume, and set your usual listening volume on the unit.
Press MENU, then select [SOUND] [BTA VOLUME].