PAIRING (pairing)

Connects up to two BLUETOOTH devices: [DEVICE 1], [DEVICE 2].
[DEVICE 1] or [DEVICE 2] will be changed to the paired device name after pairing is complete.

SEL AUDIO (select audio device)

Selects the audio device. [*] appears on the device paired with [DEVICE 1] or the current A2DP compatible audio device.

RINGTONE (ringtone)

Select the source of the ringtone output from the speakers: [1] (ringtone preset in this unit), [2] (ringtone from the mobile phone*).

*Depending on the mobile phone, this setting may not be available.

AUTO ANSWER (auto answer)

Sets this unit to answer an incoming call automatically: [OFF], [3 SECONDS] (about 3 seconds), [10 SECONDS] (about 10 seconds).

AUTO PAIR (auto pairing)

Start BLUETOOTH pairing automatically when iOS device version 5.0 or later is connected via USB: [ON], [OFF].


Activates/deactivates the BLUETOOTH function.


Initializes all the BLUETOOTH related settings (pairing information, device information, etc.): [YES], [NO].
When disposing the unit, initialize all the settings.
(Available only while the source is off and the clock is displayed.)

VOICE OUT (voice output)

Selects the speakers for handsfree calling:
[VOICE FRONT] (front speakers), [VOICE REAR] (rear speakers), [VOICE ALL] (all speakers).
(Available only while the source is off and the clock is displayed.)