USB Device Playback

HUB NO SUPPORT: USB hubs are not supported.

IPOD STOP: iPod playback has finished.

  • Operate your iPod/iPhone to start playback.


  • A USB device not supporting AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 is connected to the unit while [USB MODE] is set to [ANDROID].
    • Set [USB MODE] to [MSC/MTP].

USB ERROR: The USB device cannot be played.

  • Connect the USB device again.

USB NO DEVICE: A USB device is not connected or recognized.

  • Make sure the USB device or USB cable is securely connected.

USB NO MUSIC: There is no playable file.

  • Connect a USB device containing playable files.

USB NO SUPPORT: The USB device is not supported.

  • For details on the compatibility of your USB device, visit the support site.

USB OVERLOAD: The USB device is overloaded.

  • Disconnect the USB device, then press SRC (source) to select another source.
  • The USB device has a fault, or an unsupported device is connected.