Performing Quick Setup

Before using the system, you can make the minimum basic adjustments in the quick setup.

  1. Connect the system to your TV. (See Hooking up TV.)
  2. Turn on your TV and select the input according to the connection.
  3. Press(power) to turn on the system.
  4. Press FUNCTION repeatedly to select [DVD/CD].

    The guide message [Press ENTER to run QUICK SETUP.] appears at the bottom of the TV screen.


  5. Press(enter) without loading a disc.

    [LANGUAGE SETUP] appears on the TV screen. Displayed items may vary depending on country or region.

  6. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to select a language, then press(enter).

    [VIDEO SETUP] appears on the TV screen.

  7. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to select the setting that matches your TV type, then press(enter).

    After [QUICK SETUP is complete.] appears on the TV screen, the system is ready for playback.

To quit the quick setup

Hold down SHIFT and press SETUP.

To change the setting manually

See Settings menu.