Adjusting the recording volume level

Adjust the recording volume level of the input audio from the INPUT1, INPUT2, or INPUT3 jack.


  • While the unit is attached to a camera, adjustment of the recording volume level on the camera does not work.

  1. Set the AUTO/MAN(/LINK) switch for the audio input jack (INPUT1/INPUT2/INPUT3) to “MAN.”

  2. Rotate the AUDIO LEVEL dial to adjust the volume to the appropriate level.

    Make sure that the volume is at the appropriate level by monitoring the audio recording volume with the connected headphones or the volume level meter on the attached camera.

To automatically adjust the recording volume level

Set the AUTO/MAN(/LINK) switch to “AUTO.”

If the input audio is loud, the recording volume level will be lowered automatically to avoid audio distortion.


  • To synchronize recording volume level adjustment of the input audio from the INPUT2 jack automatically to the INPUT1 jack, set the AUTO/MAN/LINK (INPUT2) switch to “LINK.” This synchronization comes in handy for receiving audio through the INPUT1 and INPUT2 jacks and recording the audio in stereo.

    Setting the AUTO/MAN (INPUT1) switch to “MAN” and the AUTO/MAN/LINK (INPUT2) switch to “LINK” disables the AUDIO LEVEL dial for the INPUT2 jack. This allows you to adjust both of the recording volume levels of the input audio from the INPUT1 and INPUT2 jacks simultaneously with the AUDIO LEVEL dial for the INPUT1 jack.