Notes on use

In addition to this Help Guide, please read “Notes on use” in the Startup Guide (supplied).

  • To use the built-in flash of the camera, remove the receiver of this unit from the camera.
  • While recording is in progress, operation and handling noises of a camera or a lens may be recorded. Touching this unit while recording is in progress causes a noise to be included in the recording.
  • If the earphone is placed near the microphone (sound pickup unit) during recording, a howling effect (acoustic feedback) may occur. If this happens, place the earphone farther away from the microphone, or lower the volume of the earphone.
  • Do not hold the camera only by the receiver. The receiver may be damaged or the camera may fall.
  • Before you carry around the receiver, be sure to remove the receiver from the camera, attach it to the supplied connector protect holder, and store them together in the supplied pouch to protect the connector of the Multi Interface foot against damage.
  • When you do not intend to use the receiver, slide the connector of the Multi Interface foot into the connector protect holder for damage protection.
  • When using the microphone at low temperature, the battery performance drops compared to when it is used at a normal temperature (25 °C (77 °F)) so the operating time becomes shorter.
  • In the event of radio interference to another device while using the receiver, stop using the wireless function.
    Radio interference may cause a malfunction of the device, resulting in an accident.