Bluetooth® Wireless Communication Technology

  • Bluetooth wireless communication technology allows communication between various Bluetooth devices without using cables. Devices that can use this technology include computers, computer peripheral devices and smartphones.

  • The receiver and the microphone are factory-set to communicate with each other. Therefore, operations usually needed for Bluetooth devices such as pairing and passkey input are not necessary. Communication is not possible with a receiver and microphone not sold as a pair, multiple microphones, or any other Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, computer, etc.


  • This wireless microphone may be affected under the following conditions.

    • When there are obstacles such as people, metallic objects, walls, or reflective surfaces between the front of the receiver and the microphone.

    • When used in a wireless LAN system environment, near multiple Bluetooth devices that are operating, near a working microwave oven, or where there are electromagnetic waves.

  • If the microphone is placed in close proximity to the camera, noise may also be recorded due to RF interference. Keep the microphone at least 1 m (3 ft.) from the camera during use.

  • If there is noise or there is no sound because of deteriorating communication, the LINK lamp on the receiver blinks in blue quickly. Ensure that the distance between the devices is not too far, and no obstacles are between them. Continue use when the LINK lamp is constantly lit in blue.