Low sound level

  • Adjust the volume of the headset and the connected device.
  • Connect the Bluetooth device to the headset once again.
  • If any water droplets are left inside the front and rear sides of the headset housings (the perforated parts for sound output and air vent), the sound level becomes low temporarily, but this is not a malfunction.
  • Reset the headset.
  • Initialize the headset, and pair the headset and the device again.


  • Depending on the connected device, the volume of the device and the headset may or may not be synced. If the volume on a device is not synced to the volume on the headset, it will not be possible to use the device to turn up the volume on the headset once the volume is turned down on the headset.
    In that case, turn up the volume of both the headset and the connected device.