Low sound quality, or noise or unusual sound can be heard.

  • Turn down the volume of the playback device if it is too loud.
  • When playing music, check the connection status of the headset and the transmitting Bluetooth device. When the headset and the transmitting Bluetooth device are connected via an HFP or HSP Bluetooth connection, switch the Bluetooth connection to A2DP with the connected device.
  • When using a video calling application on a computer, switch the Bluetooth connection to HFP or HSP by operating the computer.
    During a video call, sound quality may become low due to the conditions of the communication line.
  • If the headset connects to the previously connected Bluetooth device, the headset may only establish the HFP/HSP Bluetooth connection when it is turned on. Use the connected device to connect via an A2DP Bluetooth connection.
  • When listening to music from a computer on the headset, the sound quality may be poor (difficult to hear the singer’s voice, etc.) for the first few seconds after a connection is established. This is due to the computer specifications (priority on stable connection at the start of transmission and then switches to priority on sound quality several seconds later) and is not a headset malfunction.
    If the sound quality does not improve after a few seconds, use the computer to establish an A2DP connection. As for the operations on your computer, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the computer.