Checking the remaining battery charge

You can check the remaining battery charge of the rechargeable battery.

When you turn on the headset, the indicator (blue) flashes two times, then the indicator (red) flashes.

The indicator (red) flashes according to the remaining battery charge as follows.

Flashes 3 times - - - - : High

Flashes 2 times - - : Medium

Flashes 1 time : Low (needs to charge) “Battery level low”

*You also hear voice guidance only when the remaining battery charge is low.

When the battery is almost empty

The indicator turns red. When the battery becomes empty, the headset sounds a warning beep, you hear voice guidance “Please recharge headset”, and the headset turns off automatically.

When you are using an iPhone or iPod touch

When the headset is connected to an iPhone or iPod touch (iOS) that supports HFP (Hands-free Profile ), it will show an icon that indicates the remaining battery charge of the headset on the screen.

Usable devices

iPhone or iPod touch which supports HFP (Hands-free Profile) (iOS 5.0 or later)

iOS 10.2 or later

iOS 7.0 or later

iOS 5.X/6.X

A: Remaining battery charge of the headset

B: 100% to 70%

C: 70% to 50%

D: 50% to 20%

E: 20% or lower (needs to charge)