Switching devices by One-touch (NFC)

  • If you move an NFC-compatible device over the N marked part of the speaker while the speaker has been connected with the other BLUETOOTH device, the speaker disconnects from the BLUETOOTH device, then connects with the NFC-compatible device that was just touched. However, if you are talking on a BLUETOOTH mobile phone connected to the speaker, you cannot switch the BLUETOOTH connection by One-touch.
  • When you touch an NFC-compatible device that has been connected with the speaker via the BLUETOOTH connection on another NFC-compatible BLUETOOTH headset or BLUETOOTH speaker, the NFC-compatible device disconnects from the speaker and connects with the BLUETOOTH device it just touched.
  • If you cannot switch devices, try the following.
    • Move the NFC-compatible device slowly over the N marked part of the speaker.
    • If the NFC-compatible device is in a case, remove the case.


  • When using the Speaker Add function or Wireless Party Chain function, move the device over the N marked part of the speaker where the (BLUETOOTH) indicator lights up. The speaker where the (BLUETOOTH) indicator turns off is not capable of making any BLUETOOTH connections.