About the indicators

CHARGE indicator (orange)

Turns off Charging the speaker is completed.
Lights up The speaker is being charged.
Flashes slowly The built-in battery is running low and needs to be charged. In this state, the speaker cannot supply power to other devices.
Flashes 3 times and turns off If the CHARGE indicator flashes 3 times and goes off when you turn on the speaker, the battery is empty and needs to be charged.


  • A speaker that is in use can be charged if it is connected to an AC outlet though the CHARGE indicator does not light up. In this case, it may take longer to charge the battery depending on the conditions of use. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the speaker when charging.
  • When you use the speaker at a loud volume for a long time, the battery may run low even if the speaker is connected to an AC outlet. As a result, sound becomes low. This is not a malfunction. Turn off the speaker and charge the battery sufficiently.
  • In an extremely cold or hot environment, charging stops for safety. If charging takes a long time, it also makes charging of the speaker stop. To resolve these issues, disconnect the AC adaptor from the speaker and connect it again within the operating temperature between 5 °C and 35 °C (41 °F and 95 °F).

(power) indicator

Turns off The speaker is turned off.
Lights up (white) The speaker is turned on.
Lights up (orange) The speaker is in the BLUETOOTH standby mode.
Flashes once (white) Each time you press the /+ (volume) button, the indicator flashes once.
Flashes 3 times (white) When you operate the -/+ (volume) button and the volume is set at the lowest or highest level, the indicator flashes 3 times.

(BLUETOOTH) indicator

Lights up The speaker is connected to a BLUETOOTH device.
Flashes quickly (3 times a second) The speaker enters the pairing mode.
Flashes slowly The speaker is searching for a BLUETOOTH device to connect to.

L/R indicators

Flashes The speaker enters the Speaker Add function.
Lights up The speaker is operating as the left speaker while the stereo mode of the Speaker Add function is enabled.
The speaker is operating as a monaural speaker while the double mode of the Speaker Add function is enabled.
Alternately flashes slowly The speaker enters the Wireless Party Chain function.

EXTRA BASS indicator

Lights up You can enjoy boosted bass (Sony-recommended sound quality). This mode is set as the default setting.
Turns off You can enjoy the natural sound quality with reduced bass. This mode is recommended when listening at low volume inside a room.