Importing content from “Music player” to Music Center for PC


  • Ensure that the software version of Music Center for PC is 2.2 or later. In earlier versions, Music Center for PC will not recognize the player.
  • If you connect the player to a battery-powered computer, the battery of the computer will deplete. When you connect the player to a computer for a long period of time, connect the computer to an AC power supply.
  1. Use a computer on which Music Center for PC has been installed.
  2. Launch Music Center for PC.
  3. Connect the player to the computer via USB.

  4. Confirm the [Use USB for] menu on the player. Select [File Transfer], and tap [OK].

    If the [Use USB for] menu does not appear, you can access the menu from the Settings app.

    Swipe the Home screen upwards.

    Tap the menu items in the following order.

    [Settings] - [Connected devices] - [USB].

  5. Select the connected device from [Transfer and Manage] in the sidebar of the Music Center for PC screen.

    The transfer screen for the player will appear on the right side.

    A list of music content in Music Center for PC will appear on the left side.

    To import music content from the microSD card in the player:
    Select the microSD card from the device selection menu on the transfer screen.

  6. Click [Manage songs in device] to display the list of music content on “Music player”.
  7. Select the music content that you want to import to Music Center for PC.
  8. Right-click the music content to select [Import to PC].

For details on the procedure, see [How to use] on the Music Center for PC support website. (


  • Do not disconnect the USB Type-C cable during data transfer (USB Type-C cable: supplied). Otherwise, the data may be damaged.
  • Imported music content is limited to private use only. Use of music content for other purposes requires the permission of the copyright holders.
  • The use of a USB hub is only guaranteed when you use a self-powered USB hub that carries an authorized logo.
  • While the player is connected to a computer, observe the following cautions. Otherwise, the player may not function properly.
    • Do not turn on the computer.
    • Do not restart the computer.
    • Do not wake the computer from sleep mode.
    • Do not shut down the computer.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.