Formatting the player

This operation restores the player to its factory settings. The following data will be deleted.

  • Content such as music and photos in the internal memory of the player
  • Google Account information on the player
  • Downloaded apps

Save a backup copy in advance. Be careful not to delete important data.

  1. Swipe the Home screen upwards.
  2. Tap the menu items in the following order.
    [Settings] - [System] - [Advanced] - [Reset options].
  3. Tap [Erase all data (factory reset)].
  4. Swipe the screen upwards. Tap [Reset device] at the bottom of the screen.

    Enter the PIN, password, or pattern if necessary.

  5. Tap [Erase everything].

    When formatting is complete, the player will restart automatically.


  • When formatting is complete, the player will restore its preinstalled content.

  • When you back up a music file from “Music player”, you can check the location of the file. Confirm [File location] under [Detailed song information]. To display the information, tap the menu items in the following order.
    • From the Playback screen in “Music player”:
      (Options) - [Detailed song information].
    • From the Library screen, Play queue screen, or Favorites/Bookmarks screen in “Music player”:
      (Context menu) - [Detailed song information].


  • Sony does not guarantee performance if you format the memory of the player using a computer.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.