Use this manual when you have trouble or when you need to know how to use your player.

The color of the player sold in some countries/regions may differ from those shown above.

This [Help Guide] offers information for the latest version of the player's system software.
Update the system software to the latest version to enjoy the latest features.

Features added to Ver. 1.20

[Auto power off] has been added to the menu to conserve battery power.

Features added to Ver. 2.00

A setting for the [High-Res streaming] function has been added.

Creation, deletion, and renaming of Bookmarks in “Music player” have been enabled.

A keyword search function has been added to the library screen in “Music player”.

Features added to Ver. 3.00

Sound adjustments are now enabled when there is an active Bluetooth connection as well.

A [Search related] function has been added to the playback screen in “Music player”.

DSEE Ultimate™ has been enabled for “Music player”.

Features added to Ver. 4.00

360 Reality Audio has been enabled. (360 Reality Audio may not be available in all countries and regions.)

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.