Single Burst Shoot.

Captures seven consecutive still images at a higher speed (maximum of 90 images per second) to increase the probability of capturing a decisive moment.

This function is useful when you want to shoot a scene that is difficult to capture using [Single Shooting], or a brief moment that falls between shots with [Cont. Shooting]. [Single Burst Shoot.] uses the electronic shutter so that you can shoot continuously without the screen blacking out.

Conceptual diagram

Available burst speeds

Setting Burst speed Shooting interval (A) Total shooting time (B)
Single Burst Shooting: Hi 90 images per second at maximum Approx. 0.011 seconds Approx. 0.067 seconds
Single Burst Shooting: Mid 60 images per second at maximum Approx. 0.017 seconds Approx. 0.1 seconds
Single Burst Shooting: Lo 30 images per second at maximum Approx. 0.033 seconds Approx. 0.2 seconds
  1. Press / (Drive Mode) on the control wheel → [Single Burst Shoot.].
    • You can also set the drive mode by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings1 ) → [Drive Mode].
  2. Select the desired mode using the right/left side of the control wheel.

  3. Press the shutter button right before the moment you want to record.
    • Press the shutter button so that the moment you want to capture will fit within the total shooting time for the seven images.
    • The followings are tips to improve the timing of shooting:
      • Set [Focus Mode] to [Single-shot AF], and then wait until the right moment comes with the shutter button pressed halfway down (Focus lock). Or, set [Focus Mode] to [Manual Focus] and focus on the subject in advance. Then, press the shutter button at the right moment.
      • Press the shutter button slightly early, taking into account the release time lag. (The release time lag is the slight lag between the timing of the shutter button being pressed and moment when the shutter is actually released.)
    • Perform a test shooting to confirm how [Single Burst Shoot.] works before the actual shooting.
    • Seven still images will be recorded, even if you do not hold down the shutter button.

Menu item details

You can select from the following shooting speeds.

Single Burst Shooting: Hi:
Shoots seven images continuously at a maximum shooting speed of 90 images / sec.
Single Burst Shooting: Mid:
Shoots seven images continuously at a maximum shooting speed of 60 images / sec.
Single Burst Shooting: Lo:
Shoots seven images continuously at a maximum shooting speed of 30 images / sec.


  • To visually confirm that seven shots are being taken, you can display a mark (such as a frame) on the screen, indicating that you are actually shooting, by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Shoot. Timing Disp.].
  • To visually confirm the moment when shooting starts, you can make the screen turn black (black out) only while shooting the first image, by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Shoot. Start Disp.].
  • You can set whether or not to use the self-timer for [Single Burst Shoot.] by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Single Burst Self-timer].
  • Still images shot with [Single Burst Shoot.] are displayed as a group on the playback screen.


  • You cannot perform another shooting session until seven images have been shot.
  • You cannot perform single burst shooting if there is not enough space for seven images on the memory card, or in the buffer memory of the camera.
  • The exposure, focus, and white balance are locked to the values for the first image.
  • A shutter speed slower than 1/8 second cannot be set.
  • Depending on the shutter speed, the burst speed may be slower.
  • [Single Burst Shoot.] does not function under the following conditions:
    • When the shooting mode is set to [Intelligent Auto], [Superior Auto], [Scene Selection], or [Sweep Panorama]
    • When [Shutter Type] is set to [Mechanical Shutter]
    • When using the [Smile Shutter] function
  • The following functions are not available when using [Single Burst Shoot.]:
    • Use of the flash
    • [Auto Object Framing]
    • [Auto HDR]
    • [Multi Frame NR]
    • [Soft Focus], [HDR Painting], [Rich-tone Mono.], [Watercolor], [Illustration], or [Miniature] under [Picture Effect]
  • The last shot is shown in auto review.