Front side

  1. ON/OFF (Power) switch/Shutter button
  2. Image sensor position mark
    • The image sensor is the sensor that converts light into an electric signal. The mark shows the location of the image sensor. When you measure the exact distance between the camera and the subject, refer to the position of the horizontal line.

    • If the subject is closer than the minimum shooting distance of the lens, the focus cannot be confirmed. Make sure you put enough distance between the subject and the camera.
  3. Front dial

    You can quickly adjust the settings for each shooting mode.

  4. Infrared remote sensor
  5. Lens release button
  6. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna (built-in)
  7. Microphone*
  8. AF illuminator/Self-timer lamp

    When the lens is removed

  9. Mounting index
  10. Image sensor**
  11. Mount
  12. Lens contacts**

* Do not cover this part during movie recording. Doing so may cause noise or lower the volume.

** Do not directly touch these parts.