Parts and controls

  1. (power) button with indicator/PAIRING button*1

  2. (microphone mute) button

    Reset: You can press and hold this button for about 8 seconds to reset the speaker.

  3. (play) button

  4. (BLUETOOTH) indicator

  5. LINK indicator

  6. – (volume) button

  7. + (volume) button

  8. LIVE button with indicator/STANDARD button

  9. Status indicators*2 (Google Assistant)

  10. Built-in microphones

  11. Lighting

  12. LIGHT button/BATTERY button

  13. Cap

  14. DC IN 5V jack

  15. CHARGE indicator

*1 The /PAIRING button is disabled before the Google Assistant setup is complete.

*2 These indicators show the status of the volume and battery level.