Talking to your Google Assistant

You can use a wide variety of voice commands to control the operation of your speaker in conjunction with Google Assistant. Just say a voice command to the speaker. Then, the speaker will perform the Google Assistant activity associated with the voice command.


  • To play music, registration with a music distribution service, such as Google Play Music, is required.

  • In a noisy place or a place that is exposed to strong winds or echoes (sound reflections), the speaker may fail to detect the voice command. In such a case, press and hold the (play) button for about 3 seconds. This action is equivalent to saying “Ok Google” to the speaker.

  • For the latest voice commands, visit one of the websites listed below.

    For customers in the USA:

    For customers in Canada:


  • When the alarm/timer settings are specified on Google Assistant, do not turn off the power. Once the speaker is turned off, the alarm/timer may not work successfully.
  • To use network services, additional registrations and payment of communication charges and other fees may be required.