Changing the lighting mode

The speaker lights up with the music to liven up the atmosphere. When you purchase the speaker, the lighting function is set to on.

  1. Press LIGHT button/BATTERY button.

    Each time you press the LIGHT button/BATTERY button, the lighting changes in 9 modes*.

    * At the time of your purchase, the lighting is in RAVE mode.

    Sony | Music Center” enables you to check the Lighting mode name and to switch the mode.


  • By using the illumination function on “Sony | Music Center,” you can turn on/off the lighting function or choose the various lighting modes.

    • RAVE:

      For dance music with heavy use of flashes

      When you purchase the speaker, RAVE is set.

    • CHILL:

      For relaxing music


      For all kinds of music including dance music with no use of flashes

    • HOT:

      Lighting with warm-color flashes

    • COOL:

      Lighting with cool-color flashes

    • STROBE:

      Lighting with white flashes

    • CALM CYAN:

      Slowly glows in bluish color.


      Slowly glows in daylight color.

    • OFF:

      No lighting


  • When the speaker's light is strong, brighten the room or turn off the lighting.